Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Loan Applications and Lead Paint

The City is pending the sale of *our* home (I guess I can call it that now) on a loan application from the city for the Rehab. Looks pretty straight forward, but you never know. We need to get it to them last Friday, apparently.

Using the estimated value of when it will be completed, we're thinking the value might be significant. Of course, after the roof caves in and the river floods, that number is subject to change. Right now, I can't see it valued at much at all. The stench of kitty makes that seem a little high. More pictures to come.

We were supposed to have the floor plans started today, but there's a hang up with our guy's current employer. We should have those started by Wednesday. Then we need to contact the Plumber, the Electrician and the HVAC guys to make sure they still have time scheduled for us and that the estimates we've gotten over the past year still are applicable. Otherwise, we'll be looking for new contractors.

Oh and does anyone know what a hassle lead paint REALLY is? Apparently, before we can start on demo, we have to make sure our general contractor has taken a lead paint class (Free to the public, but takes 8 hours) so they know about lead removal practices and what your children will look like if they chew on it. How much lead to you really have to ingest before you loose a brain cell.... anyone?...Anyone...? And anyway, the city does a "risk assessment" of the property for $750 and if it looks like there might be lead (and there probably will be) they'll do a lead paint test which will cost about $500. This will tell us what we already know, and that we'll have to be uber-careful and wear masks lest we rot our brains and revert to tick-picking apelike creatures.

Good news: Hubby M agreed to take the lead paint class so I don't.
Bad news; It's on his Birthday.

Wifey H

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