Friday, September 28, 2007


If you're contemplating doing something like what we're doing be prepared. Yes, do your homework-- you knew that already. Be intellectually and emotionally prepared.

Buying a home is about as stressful a thing as a person does besides losing a family member or getting divorced. The emotions run high and there's a whole lot of emotional investment that can take place...and that can cause problems. Emotions make people make irrational decisions. All of this heightens stress which can cause even more irrational decisions.

Now some of this is absolutely unavoidable no matter what you do. It does help to understand that there are going to be tons of emotional whipsaws and to cut yourself (and your partner) some slack. It also really helps to view the project as simply a business venture. If you can, be willing to walk if it doesn't feel right. That gives you power and power reduces the stress and a clear mind is much more likely to get you through the process successfully and with all portions of your anatomy attached.

If that fails, I've also found that red wine helps quite a bit too. :)

Time to recycle Amy


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