Thursday, November 29, 2007

Demolition Underway

Well, I think most people think this is the scariest part of the project. I know for a fact that if my Mother-in-law saw the house at this stage she would have a seizure. For this very reason, we are not allowing her to see the house. No way, Jose. She would have nightmares. And then call us about them just to make sure they weren't true. The problem is that what she might consider a nightmare, I call progress.

I am loving this stage. This is not scary, this is exciting. This is where we get to see what we're really in for. Peeling back the layers of what others have put up before us, seeing where someone put some love into their home and where others just threw duct tape up to fix a problem. It's a history lesson, one family or generation at a time and going back 121 years.

I took pictures. I couldn't make it up to the third floor as the debris was too thick in the stairwell, but I managed to climb over the plaster, drywall and lathe to get to the second floor. M, who keeps reminding me and everyone at Home Depot that he is a LEAD CERTIFIED blah blah person, made me even wash my shoes when we left the house. There is a LOT of dust, a lot of it leaded. So no kids on premises, no food, no cigarettes, no dusty little fingers putting dain bramage in this skull, thank you very much.

Anyway, the dumpster is showing up this week. We wanted to put it in the backyard so as not to block the sidewalk and mess with traffic, (and to ensure that anyone with a broken toaster or carpet scraps didn't dump their free garbage in our paid-for dumpster) but there was concern that the backyard would get muddy and they'd have trouble getting it back out, so we're setting it on the street in front of the house. We'll have to be on watch to make sure it doesn't fill up before we actually get the demo debris out of the house into it, but when it arrives, the piles of debris will move their way outside, but until then... it kinda looks like this:

First Floor:


Second Floor:

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