Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rehab As it Should Be

Last night, we took a perusal of "The Brooklyn Townhomes". This is a set of recently renovated town homes, here in Covington. One block from The Ascent at Roebling.

These are sexy and they honor the history of the buildings. They're also BIG. 3,000 square feet. Big foot prints. Rooms that a man can move around in. Wonderful wood. Also a lot less than high-end housing elsewhere.

Check out the listing here:

The Brooklyn Townhomes

If you're looking for low maintenance, high sex-appeal living, walking distance from Cincinnati, and with a $1,000,000 view from the roof, this is IT.



Ruby said...

you know.. I saw the quick rehab of these beauties this summer but did they put in new windows? I noticed further up Greenup there are some rehabs going on but they leave in the old windows and that sure takes a toll on the heating bill around here. Know what I mean?

The Young Ones said...

Window replacements were done, but I think that they look nice. In fact, I was unaware that they weren't original. They look mighty nice. Evidently, there was too much deterioration to do a proper repair within any sane budget, and as it was, the replacements were expensive.

That said, IF a proper job is done on a repair of old windows, and storms are used, and a bit of removable caulk, the old windows can be about as tight as many new windows. It just takes patience.

Interior storms can also really make keeping windows viable, for not much cost.

Anonymous said...
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