Monday, February 18, 2008

Roof Insurance

I took a look at the roof. It was lifting up quite a bit, and it was actually "tented" in one spot. Still, at the insistence of wifezilla, I didn't try any fixes. We moved lumber and did cleaning and hepa vacuuming instead.

That is, until the snow storm blew in. I want to stress "BLEW".

The entire shed roof was lifting off the decking. I paced a bit and then went down for a drill and some deck screws.

I kissed the Missus, promised her she'd not be made a widow this night, and crawled out in the snow. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad. Just some gusts of wind and a little snow with little accumulation. I crawled out the window and up to the peak of the rear roof, where the tin had actually pulled apart and drove a screw in. Alas, I managed to pick a spot right between the decking and cross member so I had to back that one out. I moved down a couple inches and drove two screws on either side of the separation. Then I moved a few inches to either side and drove two more. Then I moved down 18 inches and repeated the process and then down another foot or so.

The roofer may hate me, but at least that roof isn't likely to blow off. I'll sleep better...

As if moving a ton of lumber wouldn't make me sleep better as it is.

We made some progress today, besides that, and there'll be more soon, along with some pics of our joist stiffening work.


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