Thursday, February 14, 2008

The snow and ice are melting. INTO the house.

The boxgutters, although off to a great start, aren't finished and the ice that is melting off of the roof where the old rotted wood was removed, is running down into the house like a rainstorm.

Sticking my head out of the rooftop window that looks down on the lower gutter, (and after having a gallon of ice cold water dumped on my head) I could see that everywhere the ice melted, it seeped into the rafters, the joists, down the walls, etc. There was a good 1" sheet of ice on the floor on the second floor under where the two rooflines meet at the chimney.

After rigging up a large sheet of plastic in the corner of the room where the leak (a.k.a major holes in the roof) were focused, I was able to staple the plastic to the joists above and the walls and *aim* the chute out of the window.

I am so tired right now, and dirty, and wet. And it's Valentine's Day. I think I'm just going to go to bed, after a very hot, long shower.

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Anonymous said...

You worked so hard on something so annoyingly nasty. And cold. And WET.

I love you and think your booty is hot when you run up and down a ladder.

Nice bottle of wine on the way, Baby.