Friday, March 14, 2008

False Alarm... back to blogging.

OK, we called the lumberyard to ask for an ETA and apparently the truck doesn't have our load of lumber on it, so we're back.

And now, to the roofing.
Well, they're not done yet.
And it's raining.

I got to give it to the laborers, they knew they weren't done and so they rigged up a clever temporary fix until they get back, which is right where the top boxgutter from the gable roof meets the valley at the shed roof. As you can see, they've taken a bit of the metal and laid it over the top of the junction so that the water drains down to the shed roof into the lower box gutter. I just hope we don't have any wind...

Here's the boys hard at work on a beautiful 55 degree day- the first dry one in a few weeks.

[By the way the house directly to the right of ours is for sale by the city. Owner-occupied rehabbers come take a look! Heck, make an offer on the one to the left of us, too. Currently it's being rented out as three different apartments and is in desperate need of a single family owner.]

Back to the roof: the flashing. I would've asked the laborers if they were planning on a little more work on the flashing, but my Spanish isn't so good anymore.

This is the East side of the house, looking up at the roof. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not so happy with the way this looks. I have to assume they're just not finished on that part, either. I would have thought that the underside would have gone down first, but I'm not a roofer.

The West side also needs some finishing work, too. The flashing so far is buckling up towards the back, and the picture at the bottom of this post shows some mighty big gaps from the inside of the 3rd floor.

I was tempted to take down the plastic we have hung up through the second floor, the 'water feature' as the hubby calls it, but he said no- wait until they're finished, so up it stays.

I can't wait to have a finished roof. Everything we've been putting off depends on it.

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