Friday, March 14, 2008

Furring & Roofing : a busy day.

First of all, I wanted to show another image of what we did with the furring on the second floor with the 2 foot oc measurements and how we furred in the windows. The blue lines represent where we had to add in the extra 2x4's, and the orange lines represent the regularly spaced 2' 2x4's.

Of note is the gap we've left at the bottom near the floor. We've spaced for another 2x4 along the bottom and a 1 1/2" gap for wiring and electric. This space is so that we can cover the wires at the vertical 2x4's with a 1 5/8" standard nailer plate (to prevent the drywallers from hitting a nail through the wiring at the bottom of the wall.)

Also, the red arrows point to where the E-W wall used to attach to the East wall. Here, of course, is exactly where a 2x4 needs to go, so we pulled out the rest of the plaster (most of it was pulling away from the brick from the demo process anyway) and we're tapconning and gluing in small 1"x2" boards to the brick, as to be flush with the plaster for when the 2x4 goes on top, it will be flush with the other 2x4's.

It should work.

OK, I was going to write about the roofing process... it's day 3 for Benchmark Roofing and I've got a few problems, but Reimier Lumber just called with our lumber delivery order, So we've got to run.

To be continued....

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