Thursday, March 27, 2008

Warning: Head-Bone Connected to the Pain-in-the-Neck-Bone

So, we have a new if not completely finished roof. The interior stopped shipping water. Great news.

BUT, it is a fact of rehabbing life that when you fix something, you find the next weakest link in the chain of jerry-rigged repairs and jake-legged improvements, plus any naturally occurring problems. When a box gutter is dumping water out the wrong end, for instance, it doesn't send water down the downspout and into the drain out to the storm sewer. When you fix the box gutter, re-attach the downspout and then get a couple inches of heavy rain, you send hundreds of gallons of H20 down that drain. That drain that hadn't seen water in years. That drain that was badly clogged.

So, water was not running down the drain. I was unaware of that. For a while. Then, I heard water running. In the basement. Uh-oh...

It seems that some time ago, a prior owner attached a kitchen drain to the storm drain, just below the downspout, and not very well at that. Since there were hundreds of gallons of water coursing down with no way to get through the drain, the water found the next weakest link and that was around that former kitchen drain hookup, in the basement.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the water was coming in at the dirt end of the basement, actually in the crawl space, which we have currently exposed. It drained right into soil, so there was no real damage, but there's a funky smell and a bit of moisture lingering at the north end of the house.

The good news is our plumber, Bert. I called him, he came. He said he'd have to cut the concrete to get at the drain and that it would take a couple days to get to it. It took him one and they were done early in the morning. I had intended to take a few pictures, but they were in and out before I could move. They under-promised and over delivered. Me like. I'll be talking more about our plumber later.

One bit of upside is that they hooked up a "Y" connector so that I can drain water off the concrete patio and into the drain instead of down the walk or up against our house.

It could have been worse, so I'm thanking our lucky stars.

Now, back to furring and framing.

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