Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Backyard Catalpa Haiku

Tall Catalpa sways
As if life still inhabits
One chainsaw later....
Ah yes, the tree. The tree that has kept the grass from growing, the occupants from mowing, the gardener from hoeing. Alas, fair maiden, it is perished.

Or at least we're trying. The first picture is from when we first saw the house. The tree was rather imposing and about twice the height of the house at the peak. And those little sword like shells it dropped were about 3" thick on the ground. Nothing was growing in the yard. Deadsville, man. Plus, it was heaving up the patio.

We knew then that if we bought the house, the tree had to go.
Well, we bought the house so.... TIMBER!!!!!

Oddly enough, our go-to-guy, Zach, actually found a litter of kittens in a hollow part of the tree when he was taking it down. Yes, mewling fuzzy weeks-old kittens. I didn't see them , or I would have been tempted to keep them, but that's one whacked out mama cat, you know? They must've been freaked by the chainsaw too. They're being taken care of one of Zach's tenants who is a vet, I'm told.

Anyway, we've had an ad on craigslist for free firewood for about a week now, and most of it's gone already.

We've got three big hollowed out stump rounds reserved for a Covington City Park down the block from us (They want to use them as planters, which I thought was a very neat idea) and the rest are waiting for a good home.

In the meantime, we have the original hollowed out stump still sticking out of the ground which has made for an excellent barbeque pit fueled by scrap lumber and fresh wood.

Anyone looking for a cool clear table base?

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