Thursday, May 15, 2008

Putting up a fence and a gate

Now that we have the tree down, we've started planning for the new gate.

The old chain link fence is godawful and partially down due to the tree coming down anyway, so now's a good a time as ever.

We're looking at stock fencing from Home Depot, and it looks like we're going to need about 20 sections and a gate for the off street parking area.

The gate is what we've mainly been contemplating.... how to open and close it. My idea is a set of 2 rollers on the back side of the moving gate, and runners on the stable side upon which the rollers will glide. (see image) Hubby's idea is building a tall gate
overhang over the top of the gate opening from which the gate would hang, like a barn door.

I thought that could be a problem if taller delivery trucks wanted access, but we'll see. It may just come down to ease of building and cost.


Turnstyle Gates said...

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Good luck with your renovations! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the input. I really like the styles they have to offer, but we're trying to conserve space, and we really need the space that the swinging gates would take up. Otherwise, I love the idea. What we're really looking for is a sliding gate, not a swinging one.