Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary.

We celebrated it with a bit of furring, then champagne, and a roast hen with garlic scapes. For those of you not yet hip to these, they are the un-opened flowers and tender stalks of the garlic plant. In order for garlic to bulb up properly, the scapes must be cut. Fortunately, they are ambrosia for garlic lovers. We blanch them, then sauté briefly in butter. Really, not a bad way to celebrate a great day.

We didn't exchange gifts since we already had the traditional gift for this anniversary...

(wait for it...)


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Happy anniversary!

I've really enjoyed reading through your blog tonight. When I was little we lived on Jefferson Street across the street from the University of Cincinnati for a few years, and it was a house very much like yours in age and style. I still have fond memories of it.

It's so nice to meet some of my "neighbors." Thanks for adding Hooked on Houses to your blogroll. I'm adding yours to mine, as well.

I'll be back to watch your progress! -Julia :-)