Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Property

One of these properties is quite close to ours and I have been through it. I think it's a good house, with a yard and off street parking. In fact, I tried to buy it.

This home is two doors from Seminary Square Historic District. Close to Mainstrasse but far enough away so that noise isn't an issue. I-75 is only 5 blocks away which means again, close but far enough away from the noise. This is not many blocks from the river, and just a stone's throw from shopping, dining, and entertainment. One can walk most places one might need to go.

Don't take any of these prices as gospel either. It's often not a matter of how much, but a matter of "who." Make them an offer that makes sense to you and see what happens.

Covington Properties

Roger Bell or Rhonda Wood


Contact Roger Bell at 859-292-2188

If you are looking to buy and renovate and LIVE IN a great property at a great price in a great, happening neighborhood, check out 226. The city is all about creating owner occupied properties out of sound brick derelicts. And some aren't even derelicts. Many are much smaller projects than ours.

There are some financial incentives available, too. $6000 CARD Grant, Possible city financing help, and of course the $8,000 in federal money for first time home buyers.

These are better than foreclosures and could be fantastic investments. Plus, this is a great, convenient neighborhood.

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