Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love my in-laws.

I know, not something you hear everyday, but if anyone has earned it, they are my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. Simply put, they rock.

Background info: I have one of those obnoxious birthdays that is perfectly seated in the U.S. holidays so that it is overshadowed and ultimately banished to the back corner of the room behind all of the Christmas wrapping paper, Hannukah socks and New Year's Eve travel plans. Been like that my whole life... until I met my hubby.

Hubby decided that I should have a birthday away from the chaos of December, and so he moved it six months away from all of the extracurricular fuss. We've been celebrating my half-birthday for seven years now, and I'm kinda beginning to like having a birthday again. Who knew these things could actually be 'fun'?

OK, so back to the in-laws: Total buy-in for the halfsies B-day thing. The whole shebang. Bells, whistles, and wrapping paper. So yesterday, hubby let me sleep in to past 9AM. When I finally climbed out of bed, dragging my sore bod down to the living room, there in the middle of the floor is a large golden wrapped box. (Apparently the folks came over early and dropped it off, cuz I know it wasn't there the night before.)

"Can I open it?... It's not my 1/2B until Tuesday..."
"Sure. Mom and Dad brought it over because they're going out of town and wanted you to have it early."

Not being one of those kinds of adults who delicately slides open the taped joints of the shimy paper and unfold each corner of wrapping paper, as if to say, 'gee, I'm really over budget on the rehab, I may need this to re-wrap a gift for Mom on her next birthday, I wonder if she'll notice it's the same paper'.... I dove into the wrapping paper like Mark Spitz into water. (That just doesn't sound the same out loud as it formed in my head, you know?)

Afterward, I called up my in-laws to thank them for the generous gift. My mother-n-law answered the phone:

Me: "Thank you so much... you absolutly rock!"
Mom: "WHAT?! You OPENED it??! It's not your birthday until TUESDAY!"
Me: "B-b-b-but, I thought that. . . . [hubby] said that I could . . . . I I I I ...."

To which, after a moment of strained silence, was met with uproarious laughter on the other end of the phone as my father-in-law off in the kitchen loses it.

They got me.

They also got me just what I wanted.
I tell ya, these kids UNDERSTAND a daughter-in-law. They really do.

Thanks, you two. ;-)


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Happy Half Birthday! I have a friend who celebrates her daughter's Half Birthday every June so it doesn't get lost in the chaos of Christmas. I had never heard of that before. What a great idea.

Looks like the perfect gift for a rehabber, too! -Julia :-)

The Young Ones said...

You have no idea, Julia! She's dealing with carpal tunnel or tennis elbow from using the circular saw.

There are so many 2X4's that need to be cut for furring and framing... and she likes to do that, but at considerable cost to her body.

In just a couple days with the chop saw, she's getting feeling back in her fingers and her elbow and hands are hurting less.

Speaking of tennis elbow, I'm going to share an embarrassing story.

When we first got together, there was, as you might imagine, some not insignificant, ahem, *enthusiasm* for each others' physical affections. Copious carnality, if you will. Somewhere in the midst of this I hurt my arm/shoulder badly enough that it took months to heal.

Folks would ask me what happened to my arm.

My reply?

"Repetitive Stress Injury"



kevin said...

That color red looks good on you, Mark.

Anonymous said...