Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ibuprofin, and lots of it.

I've been the 10" circular saw maven of the house since this project began. It's my saw, and I use it about 90% of the time.

But it's an old saw. A Makita from 1995ish, I believe. And heavy. I used to use the saw all the time and never had any problems before, but now as I cut into my 400th or so 2x4, my right elbow is just plain sore.

Hubby tells me it's tennis elbow.

Yesterday, I set the saw on top of our makeshift OSB table as we finished furring out the second floor 'office' (yeah, one more room done!) and bumped into a 2x4 that knocked the saw off of the table. In a split second, I quickly reached out and grabbed the saw mid air 2' from the ground, saving the saw from certain death, and most definitely totally wrenching my elbow in rather excruciating pain.

I'm researching how to crush up ibuprofen in a sterile solution so I can IV the concoction straight into the elbow. They seem to be all out of morphine at the Krogers Rx.

Moral of the story: learn to share your toys more with your spouse.


Amanda Moran said...

I'm enjoying your site. My hubby and I are just finishing our rehab project now, we went through a lot of similar experiences. I wish we would have documented things better, it's hard to go back and try to document after the fact. I'm getting to the stage of "reliving" through others' experiences.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amanda! Welcome!

Don't hesitate to mention things you've learned (or even mistakes you've made) on any of our topics.

Or even things that you know we're going to be getting into.

Every tip is valuable.

I just wish I could get a construction kinesiologist to look at my wife's sawing form. Who gets tennis elbow from using a circular saw? :D


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog today. I love your sense of humor. We're working on our 1889 neo-classical revival in my tiny hometown in SC. As you state, "The end is nowhere in site." I printed your "Planning Reality" image to share with the general contractor for whom I keep books. The previous owner (for 30-plus years) of our house was a DIY "expert." Our biggest problem at this stage is undoing what he did. I'm glad I found your blog. I'll keep checking back.

I've started telling people that my husband and I decided to spend our fifties and sixties renovating a house and that we wanted to make sure we could never retire!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That would be sight, not site. Guess I've been exposed to too much lead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kathy!

Here's a link to that posting for latecomers: