Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kindred Spirits

As a continuation of the post below, I've unilaterally added a blogroll at right. People like us need to find other people like us. If we are stymied, it's nice to be able to see how others worked things out. If we're worn out, it's nice to see how others have gotten through it. If we're feeling proud and accomplished, it's nice to share it with others who appreciate what we're doing.

So, I'm slowly collecting a list of renovation blogs that I've read and I've liked. There are some that I've read in the past that helped get us going, but I need to go back and review them. The current list is the result of a flurry of finds last weekend. I found three that seem relevant to our blog and which are well written and enjoyable.

86'n It is referenced below. Cute couple, great project, fun blog.

Rambling Renovators is a great, deep resource. Other blogs, lots of entries, good ideas and well written. They got me started on the blogroll.

DIY Diva is a blog written by what has to be one of the gamest girls on the web. Her sheer gumption is enough to motivate any do-it-yourself-er to persevere. If you want to see her do something, tell her she can't.

Read. Enjoy. More later. For now, we have furring to do.

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