Friday, June 20, 2008

Picking the paint colors- exterior

We've settled on a paint pallet.

We've been picking up paint swatches for months now. We knew we wanted to go with a sage-greenish color and sandstone colored trim, but you'd be amazed at what that range actually turns out to be, and how many of the colors we *thought* we'd love actually turned out to look like baby poop or just sickly.

So we gave up on swatches. No matter what we looked at in a small patch just didn't work out (look right ) on a larger scale. We know because we would go up to a house that we thought was just awful, compare a swatch, and of course it would turn out to be one of our top three choices.

Lesson: Learn from the mistakes of others.
Corollary: Imitate the successes of others.

While driving around, looking at corbels, cornices and whatnots, I yelled out "stop the car!" and there it was. The perfect paint color, the perfect trim... the house was similarly aged and brick.... and these people had class.

We knocked on their door and a wonderful woman answered and we talked about the paint job on the house and where the paints came from (turned out to ber ICI paints here in Covington- they manufacture paints for Glidden, Dulux, etc.) I was desperate to know what the exact colors were, so I gave her our card and hoped she'd find out when her husband returned.

Not to let it go, but I did a google search the next day and found out their phone number from their address. I called, apologetically for being so intrusive, and left a message.

Minutes passed.

The phone rang.

You'll never guess what the husband did for a living.... Yup, he was a house painter. (Now a custom metal worker.. helooo wrought iron fence...) In any case he spoke with my hubby and yes, he knew not only where the paint was from, but it was a custom color and he still had the specific numbers (recipe) and now it's ours!!! (Thank you Kimberly and Dan!!)

It's perfect! (see above)

And below is a rudimentary approximation of the colors & placement for ours: (I hope it ends up looking a lot more like his that this picture!) But you get the general idea.

It's such a relief knowing such a major decision is behind us.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Excellent! I love the colors you chose. And what good luck that they were so willing and able to help you with them. It almost seems providential. Can't wait to see how it looks! -Julia

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julia.

It's funny how many coincidences there are, when you get into a project like this. Then you realize that the self selection aspect is pretty powerful.

For instance, we drove all over neighborhoods that we like. Hip, historic, well done. It stands to reason that people a bit like us would live there. Then we looked for paint colors and combinations that appealed to us. That found folks even MORE like us (at least folks whose taste is like ours).

I'm certainly pleased that we found someone so nice and willing to help, and I really appreciate it (they'll get an invite to the "rap party"), but as I think about it, it's no less that what I'd do. Rehabbers have to stick together, I think. ;)

BTW, I love the creative bit on your blog today. I left a comment.

Lynn said...

Nice. Are you willing to share the names & brand of your paint colors?

Anonymous said...


ICI/Dulux makes the paint colors.

The green is custom. I'll try to figure out what that is from the can we have and post it. Or, in the mean time, you can call ICI in Covington Ky (Pike St.) and ask for Rene' regarding Dan's green color that Mark and Holly "stole" last summer.

The Garnet is a standard ICI/Dulux color too. I'll check the can and my records when I check the green.

The light color is their standard ICI/Dulux Pewter.

I'll try to update in a little bit.