Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back Door Brick Problems

Update to the Update

OK, ok-- it's 145 years old, but come on....

And we did have the earthquake on April 18th, 2008. That sure didn't help much. Neither did the door insertions (original and subsequent).

But the brick from the right corner of the second floor window all the way down to the middle of the back door is just a mess.

After a little digging, we actually discovered that five courses of the bricks under the window (where there's a straight vertical crack) was actually *built* with half bricks. Read: no, they didn't crack in half, someone absolutely brilliant actually planned it that way. Needless to say, two halves were removed and a whole brick installed the way is *should* have been in the first place. Actually, the entire back of the house's brick work is wonky. The rest of the house is so good, but the back is wavy, almost.

The remaining cracks were patched and a few other places where the bricks looked weak, they were taken out and replaced with strong bricks from the fireplace demo.

Now we can prime the back. The Door will be trimmed out shortly as well.


Jon said...

Hey there - great blog. I'm doing the same thing at

I actually grew up in Cincinnati, not far from Covington.

Good luck with that brick!

Anonymous said...

Jon, thanks for the atta.

I checked out your blog and I never thought I'd see someone else's blog that reminded me of ours! Your dining room looks like ours does (a mess)and if you replaced your two black and white dogs with our two black and white cats... well, we could be brick-brothers. Where near CVG did you say you were from? ;-)

Great job on the garden area, too. DH loves your choice of colour for the back door- not jarring at all. :-)

Amanda Moran said...

Ugg. You guys been busy. Wow. Bet it feels good to have that step behind you though. Celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Celebrate? Not so much...

We've got the painter trying to finish up, but we still have to get some retrofitted trim in place.

Electric has to get in, and we need to get some contractors paid and the mortgage meter is running.

Work is piling up and I had a hard drive crash after I did a backup with (not so coincidentally) corrupted data.

I spent all of Sunday and the first 2 hours today trying to rebuild key files from the weeks old back up. Oh and Vista sucks. :(

So, celebrating we're not but it sure helps when we get an atta from you guys. :)


Bungalow Monster said...

Regarding the half-bricks and the vertical joints in your brick... I believe that there was probably some kind of an opening there at one point. I noticed that to the left of newly patched vertical joint there is another vertical joint in the brick the same length. You don't think this framed in an opening?

Keep your head up and great work!