Friday, July 4, 2008

Old insulation versus new insulation.

There's still interesting stuff to find in the walls of the house.

It reminds me of my grandmother who used to stuff crumpled up newspaper into nooks and crannies of her house to keep the cold out during the winter. Of course, this would turn into mouse and squirrel nests in the Spring, but what the heck.

We'll be using spray foam insulation, I think a major step up.

Apparently insulating with newspapers was more common than I thought. We found bunches of newspapers, whole sheets, twisted long-wise and then poked between the joists and the exterior walls of the first and second floors. Most of it was dried crumpled up and unreadable, but I salvaged a few gems.

I particularly like Coke ad and what they thought was good food.Seems you could serve an old shoe on a plate surrounded with festive looking peas and as long as you served it with coke, you had a winner.

They were obviously snorting it instead of serving it.

But the real favourite is the car advertisements, if only to garner a sense of inflation in the past 50 years.

a 1956 Chevy for $1283
a 1954 Buick for $983
a 1949 Buick (with a HEATER!) only $198!!!

Does anyone know what Hexaclorophrene is? Do you really want to?

And then there's this tidbit of time next to the soup ad on how to conduct yourself in a conversation so that the other person knows you're interested in them.

"Say, Bob, heard about your job being cut in the paper last week... that must really suck."

"Jenny told me that your daughter just graduated at the top of her class at Berkley, congratulations! When does she start her new job at McDonalds?"


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I just love seeing old ads like this. They're so much fun. It really gives you a peek into what life was like back then.

Boy, I wish we could still buy a Buick for $200 bucks!

I also love the advice on how to be a polite conversationalist. I'm taking those tips to heart.

Enjoy your holiday weekend! -Julia ;-)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oops. Didn't mean to wink after my name in the last comment. That almost makes it look like I'm being sarcastic in my holiday-weekend wishes when I was really, truly being sincere. Let's try this again:

--Julia :-)

Jen said...

Fun finds.

Amanda Moran said...

We have some big apothecary jars that we keep on an old piano in the library, each one has different stuff in it. One has seashells from our travels, one has wallpaper we found in the house, one has newspaper we found in the house, and one has all the odds and ends we found in the house. People love looking at them, and it's easy to dust the jars.

Anonymous said...

So I have some old Good Housekeeping and similar magazines from the 40s and 50s. (I actually got them from Jen's grandmother's house -- nobody else wanted them.)

The ads are, alternately, a laugh riot and disturbing . . .

:) Mel

Jean Martha said...

Yay! Mrs. Grass soup!

Where are the saltines?