Thursday, July 3, 2008

Should have known better - a lesson on gloves.

The lesson is this: buy good ones and use them.

I've already been through three pairs. First the finger tips start to wear, then holes appear, then you get frustrated and just cut the fingertips off until you get round to buying a new pair.

Recommended: leather (cha-ching), pig skin (cha-clank), or my personal cheap fav, nylon with velcro wrist closures. I'm about ready for another pair, too. The index fingers on both hands are worn through and cut off.

On the last set of gloves the worn holes in the fingertips of the gloves became such a pain, snagging on boards and nails, that I stopped what I was doing, frustratedly ripped off my gloves, set them down on the saw table, took my utility knife from my belt and slashed through two of the glove tips, put them back on and returned to work. Ten minutes later, hubby came into the room, saw the decapitated glove fingertips -- right next to the saw, of course-- and had one of *those* moments.

So my latest pair of nylon/velcro gloves (in a smashing red-black ensemble) are about shot. I dove into the 'glove basket' looking for another set to wear, and came up with a sad third place choice in cotton. Better than nothing, you're were about to say? No, they're worse. They are actually cr@ppy garden gloves I bought at Big Lots for .$70 each and are probably good for painting or maybe brushing the cat. They snagged on everything lumberish, became very hot and uncomfortable very quickly, and in my dogged pursuit of the inextricably idiotic, I grabbed them off of my hands and tried to throw them out of the window. I missed. Both times.

I then proceeded to quickly measure out a stud for the closet we're building on the second floor, when the left hand let loose the measuring tape end as the right hand was holding onto the base of the tape... with my index finger holding steady the side of the tape as it stuck out... and then I made a noise. It must have sounded like what my hubby felt when he saw those amputated glove tips next to the saw.

The tape measure retracted with a snap as it sliced through the underside of my right hand index finger at the first joint like a steel paper cut.

OK, I'm a huge wuss.

Wear your gloves.


Anonymous said...

Her fingers aren't really fat. It's just that wearing cuts is unflattering.

Wear your gloves. Remember to keep a first aid kit on site. Buy some Nuskin.

Anonymous said...

Hon, are telling me that this cut makes my butt look big?

Anonymous said...

Do I LOOK like a "hub-tard"?


Amanda Moran said...

LOL the comments are as funny as your posts.

Was just thinking that mine were ready to be replaced...

Anonymous said...

I'm on my 3rd set.

My hands have been saved from some really nasty cuts, scrapes and tears by the gloves.

I don't even want to think about splinters...