Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glass Block Windows (Double Hung)

We'd been holding off on installing a bathroom window on the first floor. We weren't sure if we wanted glass block, fixed frame, or what. Hubby was concerned about security (the neighboring house is a rental that turns over about every other month, so we never know who's in there) and I was pretty sure I didn't want the same double hung windows we had installed in the rest of the house from Window City.

We have an answer ( I think-- we haven't got a price on this yet, but I'm hoping it's within our range.) Modern Builders Supply just sent us a pdf of their double hung glass block window line.

If the price is right, I want it.

View for yourself the whole PDF here: US Block.pdf

UPDATE: Cost was $367 for the double hung.
We're gonna pass.

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mike said...

a fixed vinyl framed glass block window is usually a more cost effective alternative than double hung acrylic windows