Friday, August 15, 2008

New Windows Arriving Today.

Preface by DH: We had originally intended to restore the old windows and replace a couple of front windows with true divided light wood windows. Then reality hit as we blew out the budget on more repairs than we expected, a better HVAC system than originally planned, and a few other items that added up. When wood is $400 per, plus $75 installation, it adds up quickly and that means that we couldn't afford to replace all the bad windows with wood. Then there were 6 windows that had already been replaced with vinyl, and they'd need to be replaced regardless, and it was going to be tough to get things to match. It became abundantly clear that we had to drop back and punt. With fuel costs rising fast, we need efficient windows. With a mortgage and rent and banks and city deadlines, we need speed, too. Soooo....

Window City is where we ended up buying our windows from. For $1000 down and the rest on a 12 months-same-as-cash financing, it was definitely the way to go. I think we got Nu-sash vinyl windows (in white- ugh) for about $220 a piece, custom measurements, tilt in cleaning and the whole e-glass shebang -- including installation. Pretty nice windows, really.

(I'm sure DH will jump in here and edit in all of the details about the windows... my main point is hopefully new windows will deter the %$#@*& crackheads from breaking in and stealing my NIN and entire 80's music collection all over again. Yeah, still steamed about that. And I still have a spike.)

Anyway, the plan is to use the new Sherwin Williams vinyl paint and paint the exterior of the windows a light brown. We already picked out the colour and it's called "Fishing Cabin". It may take a few weeks to get them painted the way I want, but the key to these windows is that I can remove the entire sashes, bring them inside the house, paint them, and then reinstall them. That means no more climbing ladders to paint the windows.

Ah- and the house exterior is almost finished being painted. That should be done next week, too.

And the electric should be finished next week, so we're getting ready for our framing and electric inspection. Once that is cleared, we'll plan out our central vac system, run extra conduit and be set for the spray foam insulation.

Then the drywall.

I can't believe it. The house is starting to feel like a house instead of just a project.

Gotta go. The window crew should be arriving in about 30 minutes and the plan is to get all the windows installed in one day.

Thank lumber it's not raining.

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