Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drywall is on the way.

It's been a week, and we've been putting up the remainder of the furring strips on the ceilings for the drywallers, picked up the last of our windows for the third floor and have been building new window stops.

The spray foam insulation guys came by today to finish up the cutting back of the foam to meet the wood framing & furring, and left us tanks of extra stuff to spray should we find additional areas we want to cover. We have a few issues still remaining with the spray (and some accidentally cut wires) but I'll focus more on that later.

DH has been drilling 2 1/4" holes in our wet walls and closets, and anywhere he can stick the darned hammer drill with the hole saw to accommodate the new pipes we picked up for the Nutone central vac system. It's partially installed as of this evening. If you're at all interested, and you're doing a rehab where the walls are exposed, you may want to think about this option. Absolutely everyone I have heard about who has one, absolutely loves it. Especially the toe-kick vac. Drop food on the floor in the kitchen? No problem, scoot it over to the toe kick and sluuurp-- there it goes. This is going to be very cool.

The central vac system uses pvc pipes, but special diameter pipes to have enough power to suck the dirt off of the floor on the third floor, so don't just run out and get regular plumbing pvc pipes. It won't work half as well if you do.

The big news is that we have hired a crew to put up our drywall, and we placed the drywall order this afternoon. It's arriving tomorrow afternoon. All $2,500 worth, including mud, tape, screws, nails - everything. The company is Skyline Materials based in Mt. Healthy in Cincinnati, and they'll not only deliver, but they'll bring a boom and lift the sheets in through the window. Also, for an additional $1/board, they'll carry boards from one floor to the next. We needed this additional service because they can only deliver through our 2nd floor window, so all of the boards headed to the 3rd floor have to be carried - and not by me. My back is killing me. Twitchy, painful, nerve pinching type stuff, but as long as I don't over do it, I think I'll recover.

I still have those pics of the firebreaks to upload, I haven't forgotten- just too busy to get to them....

And we still have a fallen tree in our yard. > :-(

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The Naked Vine said...

It certainly looked like it had arrived! :-)

Thanks for your support at the tasting tonight. Looking forward to following your endeavors...