Monday, September 8, 2008

Good news / Bad news

Yup, we passed. New 1/2" copper ground 6 feet away from the first two (but daisy chained together - someone help me on the logic of this one, because I really don't get it at all) ... new outlets installed... woot.

The bad news is after the inspection, Bob called and told us that the re-inspection fee wasn't waived after all. :-( (He probably waited until he was out of range to let us know.)

Now we have the framing inspection tomorrow, and the insulation spray foam guys are coming by to do a run-through on the house to see if everything's ok to spray foam this Thursday and Friday.

The real problem will be finishing up all of the furring by Thursday. If we don't pass the framing inspection or don't get all of the furring done by Thursday, it could put a massive twist on the whole project. You see, the insulation guys are going on vacation for a week, which would leave us stalled until they return.

Since we're planning on being in the house by October 15th this is really cutting it close.

BTW: this is the picture I meant to add top the previous post; I figured I'd just add it in here. This was the wall that needed the outlet.


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