Thursday, September 18, 2008

We PASSED!! (The framing inspection)

Okay, looks like second time's a charm for us once again.

I still plan on uploading a bunch of pictures regarding what constitutes a fire break (because it was somewhat confusing, I know) and some specific fixes, but right now it's back to the site to finish up the ceiling lath strips so the drywallers can get started hanging drywall.

It's hard to believe we're almost there.

Anyway, there's one snag in regards to framing-- apparently we need a tempered glass window sash at the bottom of our staircase from the third to the second floor. I knew about the bathrooms needing the tempered glass if you have a shower within 10 feet of the window, but if you have a window in a 'hazardous condition' then it needs to be tempered glass. In our case the lower sash is evidently in a hazardous condition at the bottom of a stair, while the upper sash is more than 60" above floor, so now we are going to have a spare sash. Great. At least we only need to replace one sash and not both.

Also, something I hadn't realized in regards to venting and smoke detectors: You can't have a vent within three feet of a smoke detector. It would blow the air away from the detector, which makes perfect sense. We have an air return within two feet, and that's okay. Maybe even better than not near any HVAC at all.

(note from DH: The inspectors may have saved our lives. People complain, but unless you run into a real jerk, these folks are trying to make you safe. You may not realize it, but they are. Had we not put in adequate fireblocking and breaks...well, in a fire, we might have been dead instead of collecting insurance. the worst kind of fire spreads quickly without setting off your in your walls and ceilings. We'll be doing more on this.)

Now maybe we can get our fence up.

As soon as we get the neighbor's tree out of our back yard...


Unknown said...

w00t! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

The one great thing about inspections is learning new code requirements. This is especially true with a good inspector that looks at his/her job as not only enforcement but education. Good luck.