Sunday, September 14, 2008

Windy day in Covington. A little TOO windy.

It started about 3PM. It's still going on. They say gusts of wind of 50 MPH.

I say they underestimated. This is Hurricane Ike.

The Ohio River had white caps and a lot of people are going to be calling their insurance companies tonight.

We've been worried that a nearby tree on the property next to us (our neighbor to the West) was old and could fall apart at any time. When we cut ours down and found out it was hollow, we were even more concerned about hers. It became the *tree of concern*.

Today, after the winds started picking up, we drove by the site to see if there was any damage.

There was.

If our car had been parked in the parking area, it would have been crushed by a huge branch. I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so I didn't get a shot of the mess, but when we got home, I grabbed my camera and walked around the neighborhood in the wind, with sand and leaves whipping around so much, it stung the backs of my legs just walking down the street. These are those pictures.

The caretaker of the property (next to our rehab) with the *tree of concern* called us about a half an hour ago to let us know that the tree was blown over even more; not just branches this time. The tree cracked.

It landed on HIS house.

I'll take pictures tomorrow. We're told our house is ok for now.

I'm just thankful that we hadn't put up the fence in the backyard yet. It would have been trashed.

So on our walk within a 2x5 block swath around of our current house, we found about 40 cracked or collapsed trees, 8 damaged cars, many many live wires pulled into the streets, shingles in the streets, store signs pulled off the sides of buildings, siding being ripped from the sides of houses, awnings flying down the streets, broken windows...

And I don't think we've had a moment of silence since 3PM. The ambulances and fire trucks and police cars have been non-stop.

We parked two blocks away from our house.

In a parking garage.


Anonymous said...

OK, so it wasn't just 50mph winds, it was the NONSTOP 4 hours of 50 mph winds, combines with gusts of up to 78 mph. The meteorologists in the area are saying we've never had anything like it in this area before.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, wow. And I thought it was bad in our neighborhood! I don't think I'd ever seen winds like that--especially not going constantly for hours on end. Hard to imagine what it must've been like for people on the coast getting hit with Ike full strength, isn't it? This was close enough for me! -Julia

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you've got power now Julia.

I'm utterly amazed that so many are without for so long. My parents are among them, out in Anderson.

Of course, there are a whole lot of lines down. In fact, there was a whole pole and tranformer in the street over here as of yesterday afternoon.

I'm amazed nobody was electrocuted SOMEWHERE in the Tri-state.

Thankful too.