Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Big Shout Out

I've been positive on our spray foam insulation guys, as readers know, but you'd think that after a couple months, we'd be over it.

Nope. I was going over issues with the NKAPC and asked them about the open-cell spray foam on the decking in the attic storage area. See, it's uncovered. There was a concern about the fire and smoke ratings. Rather than rely on hope, I called Priority 1 and asked them. Turns out, we're fine. Open-cell doesn't need to be covered (in most cases) but closed cell probably does.

Now, what does Priority 1 do? Well, Larry jumps in his truck and immediately DRIVES TO THE SITE to hand deliver the spec. sheet so I can show the building inspector if he's got an issue. That's service. I highly recommend not only the product but this outfit.

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