Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad lights. Very bad lights.

Once we got all of the light fixtures wired and hung, it was time to buy lampshades. For over a year we had planned on cobalt blue lampshades to hang over the kitchen island. Problem was, we couldn't find any we liked.

So we came across some cool looking green lights at Lowes instead. We figured, wth, we'll give them a shot.

We unscrewed the bulbs, tightened on the shades, then stood back and flipped the switch.

I almost hurled it was so bad.

Yes, that was the color it put off into the room. Seasick green.

I felt like Linda Blair.

Addendum by DH: The pendant shades went back, post haste, but it's hard to describe how wrong they were. The photo does not do them justice. Very, VERY bad. This pic may describe the look and feel a bit better.

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