Monday, January 26, 2009

I admit it. I am and have been a fan of Sci-Fi for decades.

It started with Star Trek. Of course. I ALWAYS wanted a pair of those high leather gogo boots the chicks wore. (before I go any further, I really should explain that the author here is The Wife, not the Dear Husband, lest a few of you get some odd ideas.)

Then came Logan's Run and Battlestar Gallactica in the mid 70's. I used to watch them on TV on a screen no bigger than my computer monitor is now, only back then it had a wire hanger sticking out of the top, no remote control, and we only got 4 channels, 5 on a clear day. Oh and it was black-and-white.

And the Bionic Man,... and the bionic woman... and oh yeah, what the hell was a bionic dog good for? Oh Puhleeze.

Anyway, then came Star Wars.

I remember waiting in line at the local theatre. The line went down the block. And around the back. And then another block. I was impressed at the attention beforehand.

I was in awe afterwards.

I bought the legos. I bought the action figures (yeah, they were dolls, guys, get over it.) I bought a flashlight light saber. I bought Luke Sywalker's floating red hovercar and was duly upset when I realized it had wheels.

Flash forward thirty years..... not only has IV,V and V been watched a hundred times, but I, II, and III has been doted on as well. I own all six DVD's with bonus material.

Just last night, I brought out the original and popped it in the player.

But something was different this time.

Did something CHANGE?

Yes We Did.

Look closely.
(or click)

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