Thursday, January 15, 2009

The kitchen so far.

So we got the kitchen cabinet door fronts attached. It was so incredibly easy, I fell in love with Ikea all over again. So simple you can't mess it up. It took 2 minutes each.

We also got the soft close attachments-- they have little grey plungers that when you close the doors, you don;t get a thump, you get a swooooosh and a silent slow close. (*btw: big hint here for all you Ikea fans... although you are *supposed* to buy one closer for each hinge, you really only need one hinge per door at the bottom. Since they cost $2.50 each, it can really add up.

The stove vent is up, a pretty simple straightforward hanging process...that is, once you've gotten the hole through the exterior wall in the right place.

The pot rack was next.

The countertops were cut to size... had a snafu cutting one as I quickly realized I needed to cut them upside down for the best cut on the countertop. (whooops, I forgot.) Oh well, so I've got a small nick in the wood. I'll live.

The brushed nickle handles for the doors we also got at Ikea. We've seen them elsewhere since at over 5x the cost (at Home Depot). Dodged a bullet there. And please- if you're going to install your handles yourselves... BUY A TEMPLATE. There are these clever little plastic pieces with a bunch of evenly spaced holes all over it that you SHOULD use when determing where to drill your holes. It was a life saver.

Oh, and yeah, we replaced those gawdawful green seasick lights with some very nice speckled glass ones. On a dimmer.






Addendum by DH: Everything including the under-cabinet lighting. That was important and works very well. BTW, we were told that we couldn't dim them, but we went to a number of sites and they specifically say that xenon is dimmable. They are. They work well and they are efficient. Don't do halogen. I repeat, don't do halogen. It's hot and no matter what you do, it gets dangerous. I once burned myself on a spice tin that I had in a cabinet above the halogen light. That was THROUGH the bottom of the cabinet. Dangerous.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow, am I impressed with the progress you guys have made! The kitchen looks really sharp. The magnetic spices are fun, too.

Scary about the halogen lights. Who knew? (Well, I didn't, anyway!)

Thanks for linking up to my party. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Julia.


I'm pleased with the kitchen. It's not perfect, yet, but it's rapidly getting there.

Check out the tile work H has done. Amazing stuff.


Anonymous said...

Great kitchen! The stove vent is really nice. Good call on not using halogen. I have heard they can start fires.

Anonymous said...


If you're interested, I got the range hood on Ebay.

Here's the store. I'm VERY pleased with price, appearance, functionality, and speed of delivery.

If you order a sink from them, there's but one caveat. Do NOT rely upon the template. The zero reveal is positive. Their positive reveal is too much. See our posting on counter tops for the fix.