Monday, January 12, 2009

New fridge, old home.

I love Ikea. I really do.

In case we missed mentioning it, we picked up our kitchen cabinets in two batches. We put the uppers in first, got them out of the way, then went back to Ikea to get the base cabinets.

That's where this post takes off.

We arrived at Ikea to pick up our base cabinets when there at the entrance was a banner: 10% off all kitchen cabinetry over $2500. (cue lightbulb over head)

And, if we bought two kitchen appliances, they'd take off 15%. Off of the whole order. Pre-tax. (cue hallelujah music).

Was it our day or what? We just so happened to be in need of a gas stove and a new fridge. :-)

OK, go back a week and a half:

Him: We can't afford the french-door stainless steel Goliath. It just won't work, we can't do it.
Me: Well, I'd rather wait it out, use a POS dinky fridge in the meantime and save up for the one I want.
Him: I think we should get a new model and be done with it, just a cheaper one.
Me: I won't like it and would rather hold out.
Him: grumble.
Me: Grumble grumble.

Ikea comes to the rescue, red cape and all: "Here you go, kids... come on in and buy the same cabinets you were going to buy ANYWAY, and we'll toss in this here gas stove and 26 cu ft. stainless steel french-door Goliath fridge for only $400 more!"


Problem is that we had to take home the stove that night... part of the deal and all... so we had to take 2 trips to Ikea that night, one for the cabinets... load... unload... drive back....then load up the stove, drive back... leave in the truck for a week.

The refrigerator had to be shipped in. A week after ordering we got a call that it had arrived at the Ikea shipping area. We drove on up in the Yukon Denali and pulled into the shipping bay.

"We're here for an Ikea fridge."

"You're not taking it in that, are you? It won't fit."

OK, I measured. I WOULD fit. I know this. I tell the fella as much.

"You need to transport refrigerators right side up, not on their side. They can blow the compressor otherwise."

Ah. THIS I did NOT know.

So we arranged delivery to our house in two days. No problem. We'd be working on the kitchen door by then and thought that maybe... just maybe... we wouldn't need to take the doors off of the fridge to get it into the house. You see, old house = old doorways. Basically all of our entryways are 34". Not 32" or 36".... 34. (No one makes these doors, not unless you shell out the moola and get a custom door made, which is what we had to do.) We were planning on ripping out the old door and frame and installing an entirely new frame, door, and transom.

It just so happened that the delivery guys showed up just as we had finished ripping out the old frame. Even then, it *barely* fit through sideways. Just something to keep in mind.

My mother-in-law came to see the progress and was wondering why we bought a blue fridge.

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