Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garbage solutions

Many many moons ago, I thought I was going to cut a hole in the top of my butcher block island to make a slot for a garbage access. Well, it never quite worked out.

I think after the PITA of cutting the sinks out, I just withdrew the idea entirely. Not that I wouldn't love to just chop veggies on the butcher block then scrape the excess into a hole with a garbage can attached underneath.... in fact, I may still work on this idea down the road. It's just not a priority.

So in the meantime, for the island, we went to Ikea and bought a clever little plastic bag holder and attached it to the right side of the door under the sink cabinet. On the left side is a roll out garbage can. It's okay, but it's sometimes hard to reach down and pull it out. I just use my foot nowadays.

The other find was at The Container Store. It's a small plastic and wire contraption that holds plastic bags, holds them open, supports the contents, and comes with a lid. We put this right on the door of the main sink, and we're already using it more than the one on the island.

We love it.

I know, I know, "how sad that she gets excited over garbage containers" I can already hear it.

And of course, you'd be right.


Steph said...

It's the little details and contraptions that make a room great. I love those contraptions. I'm gonna have to go look for that one from the Container Store.

Anonymous said...

I'm going on record as saying that there should always be a can very near the main sink. There are things like onion and garlic skins that don't go down the drain. Also big pieces of vegetable matter ought to be pitched (or even composed), rather than run down the drain. You don't want to schlep that halfway across the kitchen. This little deal is RIGHT THERE.

Better yet, it's designed so that it doesn't take much space, and it won't push over the tube of comet under the sink.

And, of course, it's designed to recycle grocery bags.