Friday, February 27, 2009

Livingroom shelves, and a rant.

We just purchased a bunch of door jambs and it looks like this weekend is going to be spent finishing up some closet doors. We don't have any closet doors yet - we're working on that. We found some wood sliding doors from the Covington Reuse Center at a good price this week, asked to reserve them, then went home to measure to make sure they'd fit. When we realized I might have to take 1/2" off of the bottoms and that was ok, I called in to reserve the doors. I said we'd be in the next day with a credit card.

So we went to Home Depot to buy three sliding door closet tracks, then came by the CRC on the way home. Except that the manager then reneged on the price we were quoted the day before. She said we couldn't have them unless we paid 40% more than what we were offered because they were mispriced. Yeah, I was really ticked off. I walked out. Angry.

So key point here folks: All of you in Covington who go to the CRC, (or for that matter, any "Negotiated Price Warehouse")... if you like something, buy it THAT day. If you can't take it with you, put it on a credit card before you leave the store, because there if are no price tags on the DONATED items they sell you, they can and will change the price on you if you don't lock it in when you can. If you change your mind later and don't want them, just them them back. If there's a problem with the seller, you can back out the charge.

Addendum by DH: We did the math and determined that we still liked the doors enough even at the higher price so we went back for them. We ended up buying a bunch more stuff and the deal we got on the whole mess was enough to make up for the higher price on the doors. We left happy and we continue to recommend CRC. They really do want you to be happy and they have a TON of cool stuff.

ok, rant over, now on to the living room shelves: I'm stuck and could use some help.

I really don't like the way we've had to set up our living room. It just doesn't work right, and the flow is all wonky.

Right now the layout is like this: note that the sizes of the furniture pieces are not measured, they're just estimated. DH points out they are smaller than I've drawn them.

The entertainment center is in the the southeast corner, and all of the furniture is pushed along the East and North walls in order to make room to get to the stairs from the kitchen.

I was thinking more of this layout (below) with shelves along the stairway wall, and putting the TV (no, not a flat screen, not yet, anyway) on the shelf and put the DVDs and books on there as well.

The problem here is that I don't want to cover over our 'Harry Potter cubby' built under the stairs that I wanted for additional storage.

So I'm guessing it's gotta look a little bit like this, at least in concept, anyway. And I'm not too thrilled.

Does anyone have any other suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Not entirely insincere - I'd just get rid of the TV and DVDs and all the other associatied stuff that melts your brain. You should have access and more room to 'live' in. A good stereo (radio,CD, MP3) system could go anywhere in the room.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that aint gonna cut it.

We are Netflix fans for about 8 years now. We *need* our 'flix fix. We just don't have the time to watch regular TV anymore, and frankly, there's not much worth watching anyway. Regardless, but the TV must stay in the living room for practical purposes.

And... the stereo and CD stack system is already wired for the ceiling speakers in the dining room.

aahcoffee said...

I'd leave the TV where it is, and float the chairs out in the room (angled towards the tv, back to the bathroom and stairway), and move the end table to the other end of the couch...sliding the couch all the way into the corner. And I'd start saving up for that flat screen that can hang on the wall. :)
Oh, I came over here via DIYdiva's site. I'd love to see a ton of pictures of your renovation!