Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Speaking of old vs. new (stairs, HVAC)

Here's a transitional view from the original state of the house, just as you reached the top of the stairs at the second floor in 2006, then as of today.

Note the magical expanding staircase to the right and the disappearing wall to the left.

(The door down the hall was to the old bathroom. The window remains, but is now a hallway leading to the Master Bedroom.


BTW: If you want to freeze the animations, just click [Esc] button to stop, then refresh to restart/reload.

And, as long as we're showing old and new.... remember the HVAC problems from the kitchen and the laundry room? Link

Well, how's this for the laundry room:

And this for the kitchen-cubby:


Anonymous said...

Great transition photos! The project came out really great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Todd!

Still a million projects left to go.