Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Closet Doors so far....

OK, I first have to apologize for the earlier rant on the Covington Reuse Center. Yes, I was given a price and it was later not upheld, but I gotta say, you need to know who to talk to. Some guys at the CRC 'get it' others just do not. The one who do not, I assume will not be in their jobs for very long.

In any case, I still wanted the glass divided light doors, but I wasn't going to get all six. At this point, we could only get four. And although we did NOT get the same deal we were offered before, we still got a good deal. I AM happy with what we got at the price we got it at. (It was still cheaper than the second full-rate price, anyway.)

So here's what we got: four true divided light doors, 24" x 82".

A few things of note: 1. They were too tall for the closet AND the sliding door racks we already bought the first go-around.

We needed to cut about 1.5" off of the bottoms of each door.

2. Although they were already primed, they were primed Bright White and needed a semi-gloss antique white paint job.

The glass came covered in plastic, so that after the semi-gloss paint, all I needed to do was cut out the plastic sheets with the paint on top and toss them away. This saved me Soooo much time taping and scraping.

Once the doors were sized and painted, I attached the track to the top of the closet jamb, which I'd just installed-- just enough to that when the doors closed, they'd still be recessed, attached the wheels to the doors, then hung them up.

This is the wheel kit. Relatively simple wheels, a bunch of screws and a door-separator for the bottom of the doors on the floor.

Once I was sure they'd fit, opened and closed ok, then I took them back off the track, laid them down on the bedroom floor and began the taping/newspaper process for spraying ... yup, you guessed it.... the frost spray.

So far I have 2 coats on already, and I'm batting for at least a third.

Here's the most important thing I can mention when spraying doors on the floor.... DON'T DO IT.

Rule #1 completely lost on me. When you spray the frost spray DOWN, it drops little droplets, making polka dot puddles on your glass. It sucks.

I ended up standing all the doors upright, and trying to cover up the blotches with more spray. It's "ok" now, but not great. I may end up scraping off a few panels and starting over.

More pictures to come....


Corey said...

I was wondering how you avoid the spots from spraying the frosting. I didn't avoid them. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the key is to stop and shake the can occasionally, and to keep the spray nozzle back away from the glass about 12"-14". It not only keeps the spray more disbursed and even, and the heavy droplets fall before they are propelled to the surface of the glass.

I think it seems as if you are using a little bit more spray this way, but the end result seems to be more even, and IF you don't have to scrape it all off and start over, I'm guessing you'd actually use less.

So far, that's been working for me.