Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poll Results and Bragging

So, when asked how long it takes to complete a full house rehab here's what you thought:

8% thought 6 months
23% thought 6 months to a year
7% thought 1 to one and one half years
16% thought 1 1/2 to two years
28% thought more than 2 years

Ow! You 28% don't believe in optimism, do you?

Seriously, I thought we'd make it in 8-9 months. We had delays that should have been avoided, but no matter how you slice it, it was over a year from start to moving in, and we still have a lot of trim to do. It can move pretty fast when we've got the weather, but at best I think it will be the first week in April before we have all the trim and sill up and painted. We should have the central vac in by then, too, and hopefully the privacy fence will be up.

Technically that would be "done" though we'd still have things like a wrought iron fence to install and garden beds to work on and patio work, driveway. etc.

So, total elapsed time, about 16-17 months, start to "finish". If we had hired out more stuff, it would have been closer to a year and had we nailed down a roofer sooner and closed a bit sooner we'd have finished under the year mark. It's my opinion that it is hard to do a complete rehab in much less than that, unless everything goes very smoothly and a great crew is really working fast and efficiently. If you're a DIYer, plan on at least a year.

Now, to brag:

We got a shout out from kitliz at DIY Diva for our witty identification of her as "La Femme Makita" She is one badass DIYer...

You tell me what you think:

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