Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend @ MonteCassino Vineyard '09

Just a quick video of the Monte Cassino Vineyard in Covington, KY one year after the vines are planted, the deer fences are in place and the lower hillside just cleared. It was muddy, but very impressive. As much as I'd love to call this place our own, it belongs to DH's sister and husband.

Long live the Dornfelder vine! Long live the Schmidts!

Glug glug hoorah!
Glug glug hoorah!
Glug glug hoorah!

DH Addendum:

This vid hardly does the scale justice. These walls are MASSIVE and they've been there, dry stacked, for over a hundred years. The shot is taken about 95% of the way up the hill too. Turning around gives a huge panorama of the river valley.

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Terry said...

All about patience. Those walls, did they imagine them lasting so long?

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Came to your post via Hooked on Houses. Really enjoyed reading about the two of you in your profile. My advice based on my experience: when you hire subs, hire those with a lot of experience, work along side of them and ask question after question. They have so much wisdom learned from the school of hard-knocks!

Anonymous said...

Terry, there's a reason why they "don't build 'em like they used to..." No more work for a couple hundred years!

Susan, I agree. Learn from your subs and work with them if you can. We didn't worth with our plumbers and frankly, I wish we had. We didn't work with the furnace guys either, but that's more straight forward.

The electrician basically was a consultant to us. That saved a lot.