Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring time's here, let's go gardening.

The inside of the home's not done yet, so let's just completely avoid looking at that pile of trim nestled up against the wall on the dining room floor for now, and set our sights outdoors, shall we?

Fine by me.

The rest of the fence is going up, and we're still having a load of trouble figuring out the gate... but thanks to a good friend and a very healthy (and abundant) garden, we've now got more day lillies than I know what to do with, as well as columbine, autumn clematis, sweet woodruff, irises, evening primrose, hostas, and that's not including the sunflowers, zinnias, asters and marigolds we've started by seed.

We've also got 3 rows of heirloom arugula sprouting, 2 rows of mesclun mix, three bok choy heads, and a row of snow peas growing on the fence.

I've got basil, chives, italian parsley and cilantro growing inside in the mini-greenhouse, but DH won't let me put the basil in the ground for at LEAST another week.

I can't wait.

Oh, and on PBS I watched a show about growing orchids... outside in your garden. Apparently quite a few orchids are native to Kentucky, including this Kentucky Ladies Slipper Orchid.

Now how cool would that be?

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