Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Trellis (Gateway?)

We were walking by a neighbor's home last week in Covington and it changed how we want to gate off our breezeway.

We were originally going to go for a continuance of the dog-eared gate idea, but no more.

We saw this:

I immediately wrote a quick letter and dropped it in the mailbox explaining that I loved the design (and the garden is amazing!) and hoped to hear from the owner on any helpful ideas on how we could completely rip off the design.

Well it turns out, it's the owner's design, and this would not be his first brush with design fame. Apparently his work was featured in an issue of Home and Gardens a few years back for a different property.

He invited us over to peruse his historic Covington home (were those 11 or 12 foot ceilings in there? Wow) and we talked about neighborhood revitalization and the history of Covington, and met a very keen fellow.

(Terry-- if you're reading this, thanks for everything. We'll be back for measurements!)

The design is sturdy and sound, the aesthetics are great.
I'll be working on a drawing and materials list as soon as I finish up the compost bin.

I just love creative minds!!!

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