Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick note to anyone intersted in Downtown Cincy Property

We just got an email from Nancy, one of our best gardening friends who runs a regular stand every weekend (Saturday) at Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati. She asked that we pass the word around, so here goes:

"Other news: Orton Development (friends of my family) has bought and is developing a major mixed-use building at 1910 Elm Street, just north of Market. They will host an open house/tour of the building on
(corrected date!!) Thursday, May 4, from 3-6 PM, and asked me to help spread the word. It is thrilling to have a national urban developer putting resources into our neighborhood, and we should do whatever we can to encourage this kind of activity. Mention it to anyone who might be interested in City property."

All I can say is Wow. We've driven by this building and thought about the wonderful opportunities within. Inside garage parking, proximity to Findlay Market, rooftop garden and patio.... unbridled potential.

Check it out: (click image for larger view)

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