Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye, Lestat.

You were my best friend on four legs, and better than most on two.

You were a good dog, bunnyman.

Addendum by DH: This was truly a special animal. Trainable, tolerant, loving, highly intelligent, compassionate, epicurean (he loved prosciutto, fine German salami, and all manner meat or fish). You loathe the notion of the end of a life like his.

This is why I offer this to anyone with an aging or ailing pet: At the end, it's your job to suffer so that they don't have to. You've got one super important job to do for your pet and that is to not let them go through misery needlessly. It's a horrible thing you must do, but a noble one. Fortunately, if you pay close attention, your furred friend will let you know when it's time--at least that has been my experience. Have courage and give your friend one final gift. You'll thank yourself for it in time.


Jodi said...

Sorry to hear of your loss!!

Jon said...

So sorry, guys. We'll be thinking about you!

Mark said...

Thank you, Jon. I'm healing up and Mrs. OrDie is working her way through it...literally. She has been building all afternoon. I'm hearing the chop saw going in the basement as I type.

DawnMarie said...

I am new to your blog. I am sorry for your loss. Your words hit home as I recently had to make the tough decision for my beloved kitty. Quality of life is so important for all of us but certainly for them. We are their voice and have to make these choices. Hopefully you are at the point in time that the memory of your kitty brings smiles and not the pain when they first are gone.