Friday, July 31, 2009

I just spent the last three days rebuilding my PC.

I hate Microsoft.

I am not one of those Apple types who gets an apple tattooed on my left butt cheek and just loves to rag on AnythingMicrosoft just because they're a big successful company. I love big successful companies. Most people do, that WHY they're BIG and SUCCESSFUL.

No, this is different. This is a deep pitted loathing that makes me need to restrain myself from smashing the monitor when ever I see the MSFT logo.

Three days ago... DH says, "Hey hon, when's the last time you did an Microsoft update?"

Me: "Dunno. A few weeks ago. I haven't been getting the notices like I used to. I wonder why?"

Which of course sets me on the path to utter destruction and chaos.

The System Pack 2 file upgrade corrupted my c:drive and made rebooting impossible. Apparently MSFT doesn't like the fact that I have 3 hard drives. So it just decided to kill one of them.

After spending hours trying to recover the data via the recovery programs provided on my now corrupted hard drive (Anyone else noticing a problem with this scenario?) I had to give up, attempt a full backup, then completely wipe the Hard drive back to the factory settings (Remember those recovery disks you're always told to make right after you buy a new PC? Well DO IT. Seriously.)

Blue Screen of DEATH.

The backup took eight hours.
The wiping of the hard drive took two hours.
The reinstalling of the backup took six hours. It would have only taken 5 if, and hour into the reinstallation process, Norton Antivirus decided to shut me down willy nilly. I had to start over from scratch.

(*Oh, I hate Norton antivirus, too. I consider them to be as invasive and malicious as the type of malware they are supposed to be protecting you from. I use Avast instead. Much much better.)

So then I'm trying to figure out how to reinstall my programs and get everything back up an running. Ah. how naive I was.

No, my programs were shot. Gone. Worthless. All needed to be reloaded by disks and downloads. So slate several more hours, I'm still doing it now, just to get the programs running again, not to mention any settings changes.

The only thing the *backup* saved were the files, not the .exe files, no programs, no way of putting all those files back together to make Photoshop shoppier. Windows Office Officier. My email files were strewn about my harddrive like little crunchy dead bugs after a Hiroshima bug bomb. You can see them there, you can open 'em up, but you can't make 'em live again.

I'm renaming my PC the Enola Gay.

So, I've been spending day three of PC deathwatch reloading programs, finding lost emails, downloading, reloading, and booting up more than Fort Drum private in basic.

All of my passwords, bookmarks, cookies... all gone. The worst part is, I don't remember what I don't remember.

As I'm rebooting to get the latest Adobe Acrobat program up and running, Microsoft decides to install WITHOUT MY PERMISSION four new updates as I'm shutting down my system. (I have checked very specifically, NOT to download ANY updates without my permission, so I don't know how the heck it happened.)

"OH GOD, NO" came wailing out of my head. My chair flying backwards towards a now petrified cat, and I stand, incredulously staring at my monitor.

This is what started the whole mess three days ago.




The revenge.

The reboot failed to start the operating system. I was once again headed into Safe Mode.

This can not be happening to me.
Not again.

I choose the option to try to start normally, not in safe mode... and it.... works.

I am never shutting this PC down again.

Oh, and Ballmer, I'm coming for you.


Unknown said...

You might want to consider some online backup software. I've been using Mozy, which give you like 2 GB for free, which is enough for my important stuff. YMMV

The Wife said...

Unfortunately, that doesn't help when you have to rebuild your OS. But, yes, I've heard reasonably good things about them. It's always crucial to have a backup... and a backup for your backup ;-)

Thanks for your comment!