Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local Animal Control Covington, KY

So we had an unexpected visit from Animal Control today. Officer Don Griess stopped by to check out the area, apparently he met with our neighbors yesterday. We learned some interesting stuff.

1> It's illegal for our neighbors to run their clothes washer outside from a hose and dump the waste water out into the street. (Yes, they actually do this.)
2> 90% of the raccoons, red foxes, possums and bats in the area are turning up rabid.

I had no idea that rabies was so bad in the area. So just an FYI from Don and the kind folks at Animal Control: stay away from the critters. Especially if you see them in the daytime... these fellas are supposed to be nocturnal, and if they're out and about in the day... they're really sick.

btw: Don told us about this video someone in Covington made of him catching a beaver on the banks of the Ohio, down near Duveneck Park.

Damn that's a big beaver.
Towards the end you can see it was so heavy it broke the pole.

DH Addendum: This is Don's ringtone on his cell.

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Decor To Adore said...

How scary! I am visiting via Hooked on Houses.
Please drop by and enter my giveaway.

Have a blessed weekend!

Why S? said...

I've never seen a beaver in person. I had no idea they got so hefty. Poor thing. I hope he was ok and just lost, not rabid.

DH said...

Alas, it turned out that he had cancer and had probably climbed out of the river to die.

But we have beaver in the Ohio still, swimming from the Mike Fink east and then up the Licking River. This is directly across the river from Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

Amazing city, Covington.

The Wife said...

FYI: when w met Don, a call came into his phone.... his ring tone???

wait for it....

wait for it....

wait for it....

"WHO let the DOGS out...."

Absolutely hilarious. ;-)

logcabin said...

I see this a 2 year old post,but it does not mean a animal is rabid if out during the day!!!!!!Many many times it is simply a mama coonie or other creature taken a break from there babies who are sleeping during the day.I dont know if your acct. of rabies is ttrue either if there is still the archaic story of sic' animal during the day.Also raccoons do not become nocturnal until 6 to 8 month of age.!!!!!Pet raccoons dont become nocturnal sometimes.The only reaso animal r nocturnal is to lessen there chances of being killed by predetores,thats all,maryw