Monday, July 20, 2009

Political Tether Ball (OT)

After chatting with a friend who does not share my political affiliation, we came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter who is in charge of the government, and I wanted to share this epiphany, albeit waaaay out of place on this blog.

We agreed that whichever political party is in control of the government, they are there because they want power. They want power so they can control and govern the citizenry. So the struggle is about how to gain power.

Now, I used to think of the democratic election process as a pendulum; when one party would overtake the other the pendulum would swing back the other way and policy would revert to a previous condition.

Not so. The pendulum theory assumes that there is a neutral, a point at which we always come back to mid-stride. It never happens.

No, what we have in the U.S. is not a pendulum, but a game of tetherball. We pretend that we, the citizens, have the power to elect, and that THIS power is the most important of all. Of course, that's what *they* keep telling us, and heck, that's why *WE'RE* not in charge of the government.

The reality is that they're playing this game around us, and the tether isn't really tied to the pole at all, it's just looped around it, and it will never get closer and no one ever wins. The game never ends.

Now I know why I always lost at tetherball in grade school.
Yeah, political reasons... yeah, that's it.

<-- ! rant over.-->

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