Monday, July 27, 2009

What to do with those pesky squirrels

Ah, cute, fuzzy little darlings.

Back in Georgia we had these lovelies living in the walls of our cedar sided home. First came the carpenter bees, then came the woodpeckers, then came the squirrels... each progression making the holes bigger.

By the time the squirrels moved in, they had taken a majority of the insulation out of the walls for their adorable nests.

We used to knock them off the roof with tennis balls.

So far we've been rodent free, but there's always a chance with us feeding the birds... So I just wanted to share a little squirrel recipe with y'all.... Kentucky style.


Hook: Mustad 3366 (SE) or 3399 (TDE) I used a size 8 TMC 5262
Eyes: Dumbell shaped red & Black 3/32" alloy
Red Flat "A" to mount the eyes; Black 6/0 for the rest
Ventral Wing:
Red Fox Squirrel Tail (belly)
4 strands Copper or Pearl Krystal Flash
Dorsal Wing:
Natural Brown or Olive Buck Tail (Top)

What, you thought I was going to cook the little b@stard, didn't you?

Wrap the red flat thread.

Tie in the dumb bell eyes with a series of X-wraps, wrapped TIGHTLY. When they are relatively secure, wrap several rounds just ahead of and behind the eyes to secure. Whip finish a few ties and cut. Add head cement to fix. (The futher the eyes are forward on the shaft, the more you'll get wiggle on retrieval, further back will be a smoother pull action.)

Now comes the squirrel part: Take a few sparse hairs from your favourite bewildered squirrel tail. Alive or dead, just in case some of you want to try to extract the hairs WITH permission. The length should be 2x the shaft.

Attach the fur in front of the eyes with a few whips, then pull the hairs back over the top of the eyes and secure behind the eyes with crisscross wraps back to the front of the eyes.

Here's where you attach a couple of strings of flashing by just doubling them over the black string and making a pass around the head of the fly. Cut them to be just a few mm longer than the squirrel fur.

Then turn the fly upside down to attach the dorsal wings.

Here's where you need the deer hair, just a few strands, the same length of the squirrel. Attach on the underside, cut back and wrap in a conical nose.

Flip the fly over, whip finish a few times, then cut and add head cement.

Now go catch a small mouth bass or trout.

I have more edible recipes for those.

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