Monday, August 10, 2009

I want to thank you guys for the wood chips, BUT...


I mean, that's my friggin' CAR on the other side of that *%^&$@* gate.


It's raining cats and badgers, and now I've got 2500 lbs. of steaming wood chips blocking my car in.

It's full throttle MONDAY, people, and it is ON.

Addendum by DH: I talked with the Duke tree trimming guys on Friday morning and I figured that they'd drop it by Friday around noon. When they disappeared from the neighborhood, I figured that they blew us off. Then, in the middle of a major downpour, they show up and just dump all that mulch right in front of the gate. What was he thinking?

Wife was out there with a shovel and wheelbarrow moving mulch while I walked to the grocery to get some chicken for dinner. Dinner needed quite a bit of prep and time to cook, so I started on it while she worked away. That girl moved a LOT of mulch. I think she said it was way better than pilates. That or she was cursing in Greek (or some other ancient tongue).

The good news is that we're in great shape mulch-wise, even if the quality is less than ideal. The price was right.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finches finches everywhere

I don't know what gives me more pleasure, the colours of the flowers in the garden as they bud and bloom, or the vibrant yellow flashes from the finches as they dart and zip through the yard.

I know birds fly... but finches, well, they just seem to really ENJOY it. They are acrobatic, erratic, and very very fast.... so when I saw that they had decided to take a moment's rest to stop by the garden breakfast table where we had some cut flowers from the garden, including some echinacea and mexican sunflowers... well, I grabbed the camera.

They've all but cleaned out the seeds from the tiny flower heads. At one point, there were four finches on the table, three in the bouquet.

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