Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finches finches everywhere

I don't know what gives me more pleasure, the colours of the flowers in the garden as they bud and bloom, or the vibrant yellow flashes from the finches as they dart and zip through the yard.

I know birds fly... but finches, well, they just seem to really ENJOY it. They are acrobatic, erratic, and very very fast.... so when I saw that they had decided to take a moment's rest to stop by the garden breakfast table where we had some cut flowers from the garden, including some echinacea and mexican sunflowers... well, I grabbed the camera.

They've all but cleaned out the seeds from the tiny flower heads. At one point, there were four finches on the table, three in the bouquet.

If you came here from Julia's Hooked on Houses blog party, thanks for stopping by.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Hi! Just found your blog (from Hooked on Party) We are seriously considering purchasing an old Victorian (1887)... 6,000 sq feet, 9 bedrooms, unoccupied for 10 years, but every piece of woodwork is in tact... tell me we aren't crazy.... I love your blog, and am now following!

Terry said...

Y'all sure do have the birds. I'm still envious of your American Kestrel family. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

6k'? Wow. with good woodwork, you can't even do a full gut, practically. You almost have to save the woodwork. That's a big project. With help, you might be able to get it done in 2 years. Can you deal with that? The upside is that you'll have a helluva home when done.


Anonymous said...


I'm amazed at the kestrels, too. We've still got one or two hanging around.

I think that the key is to bring the birds in, first. Keep different types of food out all the time. Thistle is important for finches.

I'd bet that you could set up a nesting box for Kestrels, though I'm not sure about the requirements.