Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Floor trim as ... kick plate corners?

OK, this idea came out of the need to figure out how to transition the floor trim from the carpeted living room into the original wood floor in the kitchen. The height difference is about 1.5" and there was no way in hell I was about to cut an inch and a half off the bottom of all of the trim in the living room just to have smooth transition from one room to another.

Well, since I was already attempting to master the 45-degree cut for the mitered edges for the aprons (as well as the miter cuts for the floor trim on the floor... same basic principle when you want the floor trim to just terminate in the middle of the wall for any reason whatsoever, like in the picture below, where I ended the trim at the top of the stairs.)

I thought, 'what about 2 45 degree miter cuts on the same small piece...?' and then I just started gluing things together to see what came out of it.

After a few oddities of nature and carpentry, and something that looked like a small giraffe, I came up with the idea of a corner piece.

Instead of making just the regular miter cut, I marked both sides of the miter cut and CAREFULLY cut the left cut. (I'll tell you right now, I made a lot of these very sloppily before I got it just right, thank goodness there was a lot of scrap. )

For this particular transition, I needed three corners and one 'flat' piece.

I wanted the corner pieces to be about 2" taller than the regular trim, (about 9.5") so I needed to make twice as many 'corner clusters' as I had corners so I could glue a bottom cluster to a top cluster and add to the height.

Again, I just used the glue gun to attach the bottoms to the tops, used wood fill and sanded the pieces down until smooth before painting.

The corner pieces just fit on top of the outside corners of the wall, are about 2.5" higher than the trim, and when I stack the next piece of trim around the corner on top of the carpet, the height difference shouldn't be as obvious.

DH says it looks like I made a bunch of castles for the trim.

It's not done yet, so I don't have final pictures, but that's what I'm up to.

This weekend we should be taking the pre-cut trim pieces back out into the yard to spray paint with semi-gloss paint, let them dry, then bring them back inside to trim gun into the walls for final installation.

EDIT: Adding pictures:

These are not painted, nor nailed in place. As you can see from the pictures, there's just a few pieces of tape holding them against the wall for the purpose of taking the picture.

The trim piece inbetween the two towers (heh heh, a LOTR reference in our kitchen... kewl) is scribed and cut to match the change of height in the flooring. It's hidden by the carpet.

The other side of the wall is a bit different. This is where I'm using the 'flat' piece mid-wall and a corner piece on the outside corner.

Yeah, it needs painted too.

And the towers are still not cut to the right height... they need to match the height of the ones across the door opening, which, they don't.

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