Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camera down for the count


In the parking lost of the Essex Art Studios in Cincinnati, just after taking this lovely picture of what can only be Pat Bunyon:

... my foot stepped into an awful mess of cracked up messed up pavement, throwing me ever so ungraciously off of my feet and onto my hands and knees.

My camera didn't make it.
I was able to salvage the memory card, though.

So this is it for a while until I can figure out how to get images off of my new camera phone.

Or until I buy a new camera.

I am really p*ssed. I ruined a new pair of jeans, lost the opportunity to photograph what turned out to be a very cool art exhibition, I've got a gruesome scab on my knee and my hands are raw from road rash.

Yeah, but I didn't break my ankle. Thanks DH for pointing THAT out.

Well, at least earlier in the day I was able to photograph a rehab in Newport, KY that we actually looked at years ago before buying our current home. The open house was listed in the paper, and the guy who fixed it up did some very clever tips and tricks I want to share.

I'll get to those as soon as I stop grumbling about the camera.

It may take a day.

Addendum from DH (posted without comment--but see comments if you're confused):


Susan said...

Was it a graceful fall? The kind that feel like you're in slow motion?

I feel your pain...hope you and your camera have a speedy recovery.

Susan @ HOMEdigz.ocm

The Wife said...

Oh no, that would have been far too classy. No, it was a stumble-stumble, heel in the crack wobbly klunk spamsmodic Elaine-can't-dance fling-the-camera-in-the-air kinda move before the final thrust to the concrete.

Funny thing is, I wish I had that on file. It would have been hilarious.