Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Quiz?

Or, "What the hell is this in my garden and is it a weed?"

Realistically, this is the first Spring this garden has seen. Last year it was a hodgepodge of throwing down seeds and wondering what would grow and when. Sometimes it would take 2-3 months after having given up on something and then a seedling would sprout and I'd have to play the guessing game of 'what germinated'?

When looking for pictures of plants online, everyone loves to give the picture of the full blooming whatnot, which is just too easy. For me, I want to know what the heck it is before I fertilize a weed, or pull that echinacea seedling by mistake. So here's my attempt. Some of these I'm pretty sure of, some I haven't a clue, others I just brain cramped on.

I'll come back to this page as the days progress, perhaps with updates, before and after pictures, to help you identify whats growing in YOUR garden. Oh yeah, and I'll be using it as a reference for next year, too.

here goes:

OK, let's start off with one I have no idea what it is. The stuff in the middle of the picture grew to be a bush about 6 feet tall with lots of yellow flowers. The bees loved it. So will my neighbors. That's where I moved it to right after taking this picture.

The thing on the bottom right, I believe is a coneflower.

Russian Sage

Purple Flox

California Poppy (Big orange blossom)


Hodge Podge of Idunnowhat

Brainus Crampus ( DH: I have no idea what this is and I don't think I ever knew! )

Self-seeding Mondarda (bee balm, big red crazy flowers)

Lemon ___________. (DH: That's Lemon Verbena )
(Smells wonderfully like lemon peel)

Jacob's Ladder

I bought this at Findlay Market, wrote down what it was, then promptly threw away the paper.

Emerging Hosta

Hollyhock seedling

Adolescent Hollyhock

Grape Hyacinth

Garlic crop (yay!)

Evening Primrose


Coral Bells

Coneflower, I think.


Cilantro. (I cheated, I looked at the label.)

Celadine poppy (already has tons of yellow flowers on it)

Campanula (pink & white bells. Self seeding; so many that I repotted the extras for neighbors)


Day Lilies, Irises, lamb's ear, Stelladoro lilies, flox, daffodils, and a bucket.

There's more. And it's growing SO FAST!!!
I love the Spring.


Anonymous said...

The oregano makes a wonderful ground cover - it will take over the garden here if I don't keep cooking with it. We plant peppers among it and rarely have to weed.

Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

I have planted a whole bunch of seeds, but now I'm trying to figure out what's weeds and what isn't. It's hard!